Column mounted
rope balancer

The LiFTKON WIZARD C column-mounted
articulated jib crane with a balancing arm allows easy handling of loads up to 300 kg. While standing firmly on the ground, it can reach anywhere within a maximum radius of 4.5 meters.

Five weighty arguments

Looking for asolution for a smaller working radius of up to 4.5m that does notrequire a rail system or steel structure?

The column mounted articulating armis the robust choice.

 This system can be installed with ground anchors or on amobile base plate for easy relocation.

Its lifting capacity ranges from 75kg to a maximum of 300kg.

  • Lift up to 300kg load with different speed settings up to 650mm/s depending on the model. 
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration for each setting. 
  • The load is measured exactly.
  • Electric and pneumatic connections through rotary union at handleand in column standard.
  • This allows 360° endless swivel which makes for a more efficient andcarefree work process.
  • Robust fully sealed control panelwith rubber protection.
  • Own label customization possible
  • Compact, modern and smart design
  • The articulating arm with double jointed center section provides thefull range of efficient use from the column to a maximum of 4.5m fully extended preventing any loss of working area.
  • The most versatile software on the market 
  • No computer required for programing
  • Settings adjustable via display in 5 different languages
  • Adaptable to individual requirements with up to 16 inputs and 12 outputs.
  • Remote maintenance support
  • Aluminium and high-quality bearings care for smooth and precise handling
  • Servomotor and mechanical brake allow for an immediately stop and no run-after
  • 5 mm rope reaches up to 3.5 m height

Available models


Max. capacity




75 kg

2,5 m – 3,0 m – 3,5 m – 4,0 m – 4,5 m


150 kg

2,5 m – 3,0 m – 3,5 m – 4,0 m – 4,5 m


225 kg

2,5 m – 3,0 m – 3,5 m


300 kg

2,5 m – 3,0 m

Frequently asked questions

Everything you want to know!
Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about our intelligent electric rope balancers.

Electrical and software

Components and hardware


The warrenty is 2 years

There are 5 standards: GER, ENG, ES, IT, CN. But each other language is possible to install.